Chapter 1: Where is she?Edit

Saki Miyu : Kokona ? Coke-girl? Where are you?

Senpai : Hey Saku! Coke-girl is not here!

Saki: I know! It's 7:45! There are only 45 minutes until class!

Chapter 2:SENSEI!Edit

Senpai: I'm worried! Let's contact Sensei!

Kaho Kanon : Hello! I'm just preparing for class what do you need?

Saki: Kokona is not here! We're worried!

Kaho: Kokona, is...

Chapter 3: GoneEdit

Kaho: ...missing!

Kaho: She did not come home last night! Her parents reported her! Look at this:

she then shows you a piece of paper:

警告:18歳不足している周りの子があります。彼女の名前はKokonaです。彼女は紫色の髪と紫の目をしています。彼女の髪は、2ドリルに設定されています。あなたが彼女を見つけた場合は(555)328から2266までお電話ください! ありがとう

Keikoku: 18-Sai fusoku shite iru mawari no ko ga arimasu. Kanojo no namae wa Korkonadesu. Kanojo wa murasakiiro no kami to murasaki no me o shite imasu. Kanojo no kami wa, 2 doriru ni settei sa rete imasu. Anata ga kanojo o mitsuketa baai wa (555) 328 kara 2266 made o denwa kudasai! Arigatō

Warning: There is a child around 18 years old missing. Her name is Kokona. She has purple hair and purple eyes. Her hair is set into 2 drills. If you find her please call us at (555)328-2266! Thank you.


Hello! Thannk you for reading, this is short but nice, the next "big" part like Part 0 will be Part 5! It will be on Friday, October 9, 2015. Story (Msg Wall and Talk) 22:54, September 25, 2015 (UTC)

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