These are the rules. For each offense of the same rule the level goes up one. Please note that rules are subject to change.

Level 1 Offenses

These rules will just give you a warning.

  • Disrespect

Level 2 Offenses

These rules will give you a serious warning.

  • Being mean
  • Disrespect of an admin
  • Abusing Report System
  • Spam in Chat

Level 3 Offenses

These rules will ban you for up to a year!

  • Swearing in Chat
  • Vandalizing
  • Not following staff's instruction.

Level 4 Offenses

These result in a permanent ban!

  • Hate! >:-(
  • Sockpuppets

How to repeal a ban: If you CAN edit your own talk, please make a nice apology. If you CANNOT edit your own talk, wait for the ban to end. If you CANNOT edit your own talk AND you are perm banned, you are ALLOWED TO CREATE ONE (1) ACCOUNT to repeal the ban.